Evolve’s underwriting enables a staffing model that is scalable on demand while providing a transactional variable cost structure.

Evolve offers a full suite of reliable underwriting services adaptable to function as a seamless extension to your loan origination operations. Underwriting is performed within the Evolve proprietary system enabling reliable quality and loan throughput. From initial underwriting decision, condition clearing, to “clear to close” status, Evolve provides cohesive data integrity and communication.

  • Underwriting Loan Types:

    • Conventional

    • Delegated Private Mortgage Insurance

    • HELOC

    • Jumbo

    • Non-QM

    • FHA/VA

       – Shadow Process

       – Pre-underwriting Service  

       – To Ensure Loan Quality Before Loan Funds

  • Evolve loan underwriting decisions include loan repurchase warranty coverage provided by Lloyd’s London Insurance Syndicate.