Credit Review

Evolve’s credit review delivers a comprehensive loan-level examination of your closed loans against Agency and/or Investor guidelines, and can be customized to meet individual client needs.

Whether performing a Complete or Targeted review, we validate applicable data and documents the Seller used when underwriting the file. We also work with our clients to cure file deficiencies and exceptions for investor delivery.



  • Determine if documentation provided supports loan program requirements

  • Analyze application, income, asset, and credit documents

  • Comprehensive review of collateral valuation

  • Evaluate qualifying loan attributes and critical changes (FICO, LTV, DTI, program, etc.)

  • ATR, QM eligible and non-QM

  • Validate, collect, and correct specific data requirements required to produce delivery files

  • Record and report loan-level review findings




Our experienced team ensures your loan portfolio meets investor and agency guidelines, enabling you to reliably meet Representations and Warranty delivery obligations.