Third Party Review (TPR) Services

We have extensive experience in origination and post-closing services, institutional, whole loan, and servicing acquisition due diligence, collateral recovery, HMDA and forensic compliance reviews, whole loan sales, agency deliveries and securitizations.

Evolve is an S&P RMBS third party review provider.

Evolve’s management team and staff has extensive expertise in loan level diligence industry and extensive knowledge in diligence best practices.

Evolve has a state of the are proprietary underwriting platform that is integrated with Compliance Ease to provide comprehensive diligence on a variety of loan types including:

  • QM
  • Non QM
  • Jumbo
  • Inverstor Loans
  • Fix and Flip
  • Reverse

Evolve can customize scopes and cover all aspects of the loan manufacturing process to ensure the loan is compliant with underwriting guidelines. Scopes can be combined to fit the review type and purpose. Review scopes include:

  • Credit Underwriting
  • Compliance
  • Data Integrity
  • Fraud
  • Legal/Modification Documents
  • Tax and Title
  • Payment History/Collection Comments

Evolve performs reviews for all types of transactions including:

  • Portfolio trades/Acquisition
  • Warehouse Financing
  • Securitization

For securitization Evolve reviews the loans in accordance with the NRSRO standards including a guideline review, a regulatory compliance review, exception tracking and reporting. Evolve issues a final report, ASF Tape, and attestation letters as required.