Closed Loan Services

We have extensive experience in origination and post-closing services, institutional, whole loan, and servicing acquisition due diligence, collateral recovery, HMDA and forensic compliance reviews, whole loan sales, agency deliveries and securitizations.

Closed Loan Services


Our closed loan review process ensures the loans you acquire are compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations and adhere to the appropriate investor credit guidelines prior to purchase.

We adapt to each Client’s requirements and product matrices to verify the accuracy and integrity of the information provided in support of the lending decision. Utilizing a seamless distributed workflow, Evolve services are performed by subject matter experts within each component review and ensure a detailed, compliant review while also providing a variable cost model to help lenders manage the fluctuational nature of our industry.


  • Client specific third party vendor tools
  • Compliance Audit
    • Data Capture
    • Disclosure Timing Testing
    • Point and Fees Testing
  • Credit Review
    • Complete Re-underwrite
    • Targeted Review
    • Customized Review
  • Customized Index Imaging
    • File Record Retention
    • Warehouse File
    • Servicing Boarding File
  • Data Extract
    • ULDD Delivery
    • Warehouse File
    • Servicing Boarding File

Evolve enables lenders to have reliable confidence that underlying loan data and documentation support a purchase decision through factual and extensive review of credit, compliance, and valuation.