Paul Anselmo is Named a 2022 Thought Leader Award Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Progress In Lending 2022 Thought Leader Award Winners!

We are thrilled to share that Paul Anselmo has been recognized for the second year in a row as an industry Thought Leader awarded by Progress In Lending as he continues to innovate and help our market evolve.

All you read about these days is who’s laying staff off, closing or has closed their doors and who else is merging with someone or simply exiting stage left. The state of lending and technical innovations has taken somewhat of a backseat as participants adjust their plans and strategy to stay afloat — but there is no better time than the present to automate and innovate to survive.

Long before the pandemic and prior to this latest financial market crisis, Paul has been saying “With today’s technology, all the stars are aligned for lenders to achieve a true digital closing and a better borrower experience. All the tools, capabilities and expertise are out there for lenders to de-fragment their entire loan ecosystem and turn it into a well-oiled machine. All they need is a comprehensive strategy and the willingness to execute it.” That statement holds true today, more than ever… wherever possible mortgage market participants should embrace new technology, tools and engage partners that provide a “one stop shop experience” or single source solution.

New Products, Channels and a Whole New Normal

Non-QM, Seconds, HELOCs, ARMs, Correspondent channels, and rate hikes… What’s the new normal? How can you keep the pace? To survive in today’s volatile marketplace: Move to a flexible; outsourced mortgage solution with a variable cost structure, go digital with as much of the process from app to eClose, utilize integrated, state-of-the-art technology with modular components to target and reduce risk and streamline operational efficiencies to scale production.

“As pioneers of SMARTDoc® technology we have seen the positive impact that digital transformation can have,” Paul says. “For example, SigniaDocuments’ proprietary doc engine produces a complete document library built entirely on native XML SMARTDocs. SMARTDocs include embedded enabled eSignature and eNotary tags eliminating the need to OCR or create templates and manual tags saves time and safeguards operational efficiency. Its fully integrated compliance engine also ensures legally compliant, rep and warranted mortgage documents further reducing risk and expanding scalability.”

Paul’s vision and leadership led to Evolve being the first to the mortgage industry with an eHELOC solution, to automate the HELOC origination process. This new solution enables lenders to approve HELOCs within seven minutes and eClose lines within seven days! “Expect to see more mortgage market participant closures, M&A activity, new and alternate product lines being introduced and digital adoption trends to continue through a good part of 2023,” Paul notes. “Once the dust settles from the industry’s current calamity, the remaining participants along with and consumers, will create and define a whole new normal.”

Paul and Evolve’s experienced team of professionals, its proven platform and innovative technologies, will continue to provide seamless component; or end-to-end loan services and support, to create custom and sustainable strategies to propel the market forward, set industry standards and position participants for continued success.

To view all the amazing winners: 2022 Thought Leader Award Winners.

Thank you, Tony Garritano and the Progress In Lending team for this award!


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